I was pleased to be able to view work at three of Sheffield’s galleries last week [29 January 2014]

1] Site
– “The Artist Proposes” It was interesting to see the work in progress of the 4 artists currently in the Pltform residency sceme.
– “Double Screen (Not Quite Tonight Jellylike)” – Anna Barnham I was captivated by this video installation and it was great to be in contact [on twitter] with Anna Barnaham [@Banana_Harm] who provided me with this link to the great accompnying pdf document [a hard copy is also apparently available at the Site gallery shop]

2] Graves
– “Pole Position: Polish art in Britain 1939 – 1989” – the impact of modern (20th Century) British based Polish painters. I could have lingered here even longer. I was struck by the apparent cross fertilisation between these artist and the likes of Graham Sutherland and Francis Bacon. It thus seems regrettable and surprising that these Polish artists have not had more recognition and exposure.

3] Millenium Gallery
– printmaking “Printing Sheffield” – I was expecially interested in the linocuts and the accompanying artist talk [on video] by James Green. I was struck by how tactile his process is – especially as he uses a spoon instead of a press to ensure even contact between the inked lino and the paper.
– it was also good to be able to revisit “Inside the Circle of Fire: A Sheffield Soundscape” a sound and visual installation that I first viewed in September. I was struck with how important the images are to the soundscape – it is a much depleted experience merely listening to the audio than expierncing the cumulative effect of the audio with pictures.