It was good to successfully complete the show installation, critical evaluation and collating my research files for yesterdays hand in.

Here is the brief summary of my Masters Project:

During my MA project I have continued my practice of using my blog alongside a more

private notebook for my reflective journal. In addition I have continued using Twitter as a micro-blog often as a means of speaking out.

These have assisted me in the development of my practice as I have continued in my

enquiry into art as a prophetic voice.

My research methodology has remained largely practice based as I have established that
thinking through making is a key element in my practice.

I have continued to use a range of resources in my research as I investigated the three
strands of art, theology and social justice. Latterly I have relied more on making electronic copies of key online resources rather than printing them out. This has also been the case with documenting gallery visits.

For the Masters project I have made four complimentary works: –

Assimilation (drinks)

quicktime video in real time at actual size showing the assimilation of powder

in the milk.

Assimilation (games)

50 black and white photographs each with a painted game of noughts and

crosses on it. (nb I am submitting the box set of the 50 images for the MA

show vitrine).

Assimilation (seascape)

10 minute quick time video of the coastal scene with no trace of human


Assimilation (27 million)

9 hour 46 minutes quick time video that documents the counting of

27,000 rice crispies in real time. As time progresses the bowl is almost

completely obscured by rice crispies.

I anticipate continuing in this practice and further developing my art as prophetic voice
prompting questions about injustice and stewardship. I will continue to make both moving and still images; sometimes contemplative and at other times disturbing.

For those who want to read more, here is my Critical Evaluation, available as a pdf download:

I am now really looking forward to the MA show opening at the end of the month

Here is the link to my online catalogue for the show: