It has been good to work together preparing our spaces this week, and having the opportunity to discuss our work with one another.

I wanted to make my space “holy”, set apart for a purpose. As part of my methodist spirituality I believe that things are made holy by use. This prompted me to play some sacred music, St Matthew’s Passion, Bach (in it’s entirety) as I worked, both painting on my exhibition “Games” print and in organising the room in preparation for Monday’s installation. This was premeditated, so I especially brought in the music recording and borrowed a set of good speakers from media resources.

I also found it good to explore using a noughts and crosses type grid on the floor to compliment the print and the placement of the 4 elements of the show, and also to reference the Labyrinth as a meditative/ contemplative aid. Conceptually I think it does work, but I am uncertain whether it is fully appropriate in a shared space; and I am also concerned that I might be trying to put too much in and not giving enough space for the different piece to speak for themselves and to have a conversation with one another.