Last night I was thrilled to be awarded second prize for Assimilation. I thus thought that it would be good to provide an expanded statement about the work [NB the theme for the Bishop’s Art Prize 2013 theme is Darkness and Light]:

Assimilation, comprises is a series of three silent videos made during Holy Week and Easter 2013. These show a malt chocolate milk being assimilated by and assimilating the hot milk so both are changed. Each having a unique pattern of assimilation. This resonates with the uniqueness of every person, yet each being made in the image of God. It also speaks of the particular action of the Holy Spirit in each person.

The work is also concerned with exploring social injustice, in particular people trafficking and homelessness. It is informed by my personal faith, sense of vulnerability, bereavement and experience of being a volunteer both at a winter night shelter for the homeless and a soup kitchen. It speaks of how we all make a unique difference and the potential to exercise good stewardship, guided by the Holy Spirit, to make a positive difference, to bring positive change, to radiate hope and light to challenge the darkness of injustice.