Yesterday, it was good to be able to revisit the Metropolis: Reflections on the modern city at Gas Hall Birmingham [runs until 23 June].

I enjoyed again viewing a piece of Ola Kolehmainen‘s work, Shadow of Church, 2006; and Jochem Hendrick’s Front Windows, 2009 [and I was impressed by the quality and purity of the audio, I find it difficult to know how this was achieved – there was a complete absence of background noise, no wind, no traffic, no trains no birds, no aeroplanes, despite it being located opposite a railway station, and yet the sound seemed to relate too closely to the amount and manner of glass being broken to be done separately in a sound studio. However, I also noticed that the clouds were hardly moving and wondered if the pauses between the windows being broken had been elongated in post production so that the original happening took considerable less than the 6min duration of the video. This in itself became a distraction to my engagement with the work, perhaps some ambient noise would have actually been less of a distraction allowing me to better engage with the actual work rather than being distracted by how it was realised.

I was also moved by Semyon Faibissovich‘s Take the Weight off Your Feet, 2009. This painting explores the marginalisation of some people in society as it focuses on an impoverished woman in his own local of Moscow – he paints based on a photographed made on his mobile phone. This resonates with my own concerns and practice.