I have found it very helpful to work on my MA masters project proposal in parallel with beginning to draft a proposal for a subsequent research degree.

I am maintaining my focus on art, theology and social justice. I have now formulated this into a preliminary title for my research proposal which also seems helpful as I develop my MA work; the title being: Art as Prophetic Voice.

This prophetic voice encompasses a compulsion to speak out on matters of social injustice such as exploitation, neglect or discrimination; for me I would perceive this compulsion as being God inspired, regardless of whether the particular person would see it as such [although I realise that this could be controversial, depending on the world view of that individual].

I am hoping that this cross fertilisation will continue, especially as I am hoping to build on my MA work in my subsequent research.

I am currently reviewing my MA masters project proposal before final submission next week, after which I intend to provide a downloadable pdf of my final proposal, in a future post.