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Richard Brooks - Reflective Journal

About the Artist RWB Journal

My work is informed by my personal faith, sense of vulnerability, bereavement, and, my personal experience.

My practice centres on addressing social justice issues of the human condition. I avoid making work of any individual person; so that neither, is the individual stigmatised, nor is the work unduly personalised.

Since January 2012 I have used this blog as part of my reflective journal.
Included in this journal is some of my documentation of my research; the underlined text provides links to web pages etc that have formed part of my research.
The Research Visits category includes some responses to gallery visits.


Other Research Posted on Fri, March 01, 2013 11:58:19

I have found it very helpful to work on my MA masters project proposal in parallel with beginning to draft a proposal for a subsequent research degree.

I am maintaining my focus on art, theology and social justice. I have now formulated this into a preliminary title for my research proposal which also seems helpful as I develop my MA work; the title being: Art as Prophetic Voice.

This prophetic voice encompasses a compulsion to speak out on matters of social injustice such as exploitation, neglect or discrimination; for me I would perceive this compulsion as being God inspired, regardless of whether the particular person would see it as such [although I realise that this could be controversial, depending on the world view of that individual].

I am hoping that this cross fertilisation will continue, especially as I am hoping to build on my MA work in my subsequent research.

I am currently reviewing my MA masters project proposal before final submission next week, after which I intend to provide a downloadable pdf of my final proposal, in a future post.

Video Work

Art Practice -Work In Progress Posted on Fri, March 01, 2013 11:13:34

It has been good to review the videos I have made since the hand in for the last unit. This was partly in preparation for last weeks tutorial but I have subsequently further reviewed the work to date. This has led me to conduct further experimentation using music with the visuals.

I have now decided to publish this work in progress on youtube, contained in a single playlist. This will be regularly updated with more footage and versions as I continue to investigate using music and other audio.

I have decided to use vimeo to publish my resolved works in due course.