It has been good to consider my progress and practice at the end of this unit as I have gathered and collated all my work and research.

I realise that for the MA project it would be good if I could undertake such a review on a regular basis and not merely after 7 to 8 months work prior to the hand in and final show.

I am especially pleased with the video “Assimilation 2” in which I have managed to begin to address and explore art, theology and social justice. I think this will be further developed as I make preparations for the degree show installation where a evolved rendition of this video is envisioned to be shown alongside one are more photographic diptychs. These diptych[s] are currently expected to also be evolutions from the current diptychs.

One element of this installation that I want to particularly resolve is that of the size of the images of the different elements. This will not only influence how the work is received by the viewer but it will also have a significant impact on the number of diptych that would be possible to show.

I also realise that I need to continue to develop the research, in all three streams alongside my work in further developing and establishing my studio practice. Indeed, I believe that it has been a great opportunity for me to be able to be a weekly volunteer for the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter [this will continue to March]; this has already informed and further motivated my work.

I am looking forward to further working on picture making and exploring the tripartite juxtapositions between the video and the diptych[s].