It was encouraging to receive some encouraging feedback for my Learning Agreement last week. I have attached a copy below for information:

It was also good to discuss our draft [revised] artist statements; after carefully reflecting on the comment I received I further redrafted it and here is the latest rendition of my Artist Statement:

Richard Brooks is a visual artist who critiques issues of social ethics; as such he has been influenced by writers such as Charles Dickens, and informed by his theological studies. Brooks’s life experience of personal vulnerability has been significant in informing his work. Brooks’s work is predominantly realised through utilising photography and video.

The, apparent, verisimilitude of photographic, still and moving, images resonates with the desire to examine the human condition. A photograph is assumed to be true, it seems to provide evidence of that time and place. Brooks uses this presumption to challenge and raise questions for the viewer.

Although his work explores the human condition Brooks chooses not to make any individual the subject of his images; as this would unduly personalise the work. In the same way the locations of the vistas are not readily identifiable by ensuring that the location is not explicitly disclosed.

His work is contemplative so that the viewer is encouraged to linger and engage with the work and its subject matter. Brooks uses different elements in juxtaposition to create a dialogue between the works which prompts further reflection and questioning by the viewer.

I expect that this statement will be progressively further redrafted and refined before the final MA show in August 2013. I did find it rather challenging to compose when the art work is still very much in progress; I am far more comfortable writing such a stement once the work has been more fully resolved and substantially realised.