The following question was suggested for my reflection:

“How important is an understanding of context, in the development of your practice?”

Having reflected over the last six days on this question of context here are some thoughts:

I accept that context is important to my work.

I am aware that my personal history, my research, both general and specific, and my world view from a faith perspective, all intertwine to inform and inspire my work.

The associciations with how the work is displayed also impact the reading of the work, and I think it is good if the work is able to transform the space in which it is located, or to at least engage with it.

However I also realise that the viewer will also come with their own context or “cloud” and this will impact on how they receive and perceive the work.

Thus I think that the context can be changeable and ephemeral, depending on the preoccupations of the maker or the viewer at that particular time. The context of making and viewing is a complex multilayed changing sea that I find, is advisable to try and assess; however, I do not think I will ever be able to truly fully understand it.