It has been good to peruse and review the photographs I have made in the past few weeks. I found it satisfying and stimulating to work on them and to share a couple of images during my tutorial yesterday.

In this image [provisionally titled: 12 10 12] I explored juxtaposing/ contrasting a sublime sunset with ongoing issues of social justice/concern. This is referencing our lack of true engagement with suffering and injustice that we learn of through the news. In this image I used a daily email of the news digest [from the Guardian] for the same day as that of the sunset.

Having discussed this yesterday, with both my tutor and another MA student, it has crystallised and progressed my thoughts. I now am more aware of the difficulties in using text in this way; if the text is too obvious it runs the risk of making the work too didactic and closing down the possible readings of the work; but, if the text is too subtle it becomes too difficult or impossible to read. I am thus now minded to working on making a diptych with any text being limited – perhaps only to the title[s].

I can envisage the diptych being made of two large [ i.e. in the region of 90cm by 120cm] prints hung close together one showing sublime uninhabited landscape and the other showing some grotty doorway or car park. This second image would be of also of a local location known to be a place of shelter for a homeless rough sleeper. I have chosen this line of enquiry as my previous research into human trafficking revealed that homelessness is not only an issue for victims of trafficking who have escaped or been discarded, but it also forms a constituency from which traffickers recruit/ trick people into forced labour/ domestic servitude or sex slavery.

I have also started working on a meditative piece – a video of chocolate malted milk drink powder being slowly assimilated into the hot milk which gradually changes colour. The powder on the milk is gradually absorbs the milk and then sinks bit by bit into the milk before being completely assimilated, and on each occasion, thus far observed, it is unique sequence. I hope that this piece can accompany the diptych and that the three elements will play off one another.