Over the past few weeks I have watched several films that I have found stimulating and thought provoking:

10 Sept

The Kid With a Bike (2011)

I found this to be a thoughtful work exploring growing up and the impact a few choices can make on the rest of one own life and on those around us.

8 Oct

Dersu Uzala (1975)

This I found to be a moving examination of the human condition, particularly of finding oneself in an alien environment having to rely on the beneficence of an other who knows and is at home in that culture. It thus also reflects on the nature of true friendship.

10 Oct

The Hide (2008)

Interesting, beautifully shot, two character thriller, with careful & thoughtful use of light and environment that both maintained engagement and visually communicated mood and emotion. It also challenged preconceptions about how quickly we make judgements about a person.

14 Oct

A Separation (2011)

This was a moving study of the conflicting pressures of family commitments as the participants struggle to find the way forward as the parents face the agonising decision whether to emigrate to give their daughter the best opportunity or stay and care for the grandfather who has Alzheimer’s