This Sanctuary Sunday event was also part of the Refugee Week celebrations.

I was especially moved by the Ice and Fire Asylum Monologues about two individuals:

– the refugee form the Congo made destitute by the UK Border Agency’s lack of compassion and understanding


– the refugee, who had fled for her life from Uganda, having to leave chidden and family and forced to flee in the later stages of pregnancy.

These testimony’s were truly shocking, how refugees, including young children are detained, imprisoned, the apparent lack of even basic understanding and sympathy on the part of the UK border Agency – and I fully endorse how the Mayor of Ipswich responded: “Not in my name!”

The other item that made a deep impact on me was the personal testimony of the Bishop of Kigali [Rwanda], Louis Muvunyi – how he had escaped the genocide by being in Tanzania at the time and how his sister had escaped to sanctuary in Hotel Mille Collines.