It was good to be able to discuss how my current work fitted into the context of my previous work – how it seems that each piece is in part a progression of the both my most recent work to that date and indeed all of my work to date.

I was pleased to receive some more suggestion of artists to consider and to have my research about Grayson Perry affirmed.

I found it useful to also have a discussion about critical evaluation and to recieve the practical advise to keep asking myself why something was important. I encouraged that my strategy of making more reflective and mediataive work, to encourage the viewer to linger in their consideration and to ask themselves questions, rather than making more didactic work, was well received. However I was challenged by FP‘s assesment that the work of Dickens was very didactic and illustrative.

I felt happy yo have been able to discuss how my faith influences my work and to discuss how some secular work can provoke a spiritual repsponse; and it was good to be reminded that it was only my personal opinion that while Rothko’s Seagram murials when installed together do provoke such a response one in isolaation does not.

However, I left the tutorial feeling a little unsettled and wishing that I had asked to discuss my learning agreement; partly because that had been my proposed enquirey is acceptable, realistitic, appropriate and achievable within the given time constraints