I enjoyed making my first prints from the plate I had finished preparing a week earlier.

I was pleased with the proof so I continued to print several copies as I intend to use the prints as a log on which I will record the details of each of my gleaning visits to Felixstowe beach. I used a number of offcuts of paper as I intend to trim the prints to be only a little larger than the plate. This enabled me to experiment with different types of paper and for future work I am attracted by the warmer off-white paper [e.g. this would be good to use for my litho print]. I was also able to experiment with the effect of producing two and then three prints from the same inked plate and also of producing, in effect an offset print, from the fresh print onto the ultra-thin backing paper [which can still be viewed as a non-mirror image through the paper]:

I would quite like to use this as the top, blank sheet of the log. I am thinking of using a simple small cardboard box to house the completed prints, possibly covered in old newspaper fragments to resonate with the finds; the top of the box could include a copy of the print, rather than it being the top sheet inside the box. I am looking forward to exploring this further when I have completed all the prints.