I have just found a useful resource for current and recent theological articles that will help in my ongoing research that will inform my work and practice. These articles deal with a number of current social issues from a range of Christian theological perspectives.

This “Rethinking Mission” website has a very extensive list of articles that can be readily accessed online; this list spans 18 pages and includes many current eminent theologians.

The first one I am going to study is Choosing Life or Second Life? Discipleship and Agency in a Mediated Culture By the Revd Gary P Hall

GH “looks at how the media can blur a person’s perspective of reality, and asks whether this will turn the Christian life into a capitalist pursuit of happiness”.

He considers that: “for many people living in media-saturated, overdeveloped societies, any distinction between actual reality and a mediated pseudo-reality is blurred. Another facet of life in a media-saturated context is that of being regularly confronted with impressions of destitution, violence and ecological degradation whilst at the same time being further distanced from the realities represented through communications media and their „virtualizing‟ tendency. This rapid change in our relation to reality has, I suggest, profound theological and missiological consequences.” [extract from his abstract]