I have also been continuing to reflect on my initial draft proposal; this has confirmed my earlier conclusion that I need to plan how I can address these concerns during the next 4 teaching blocks and not merely the next one.

I have discerned divergent possible strategies for how to address the current unit:

1. I could focus on research looking at: social ethical issues, especially people trafficking; art and theology in dialogue, especially liberation theology and basis to the poor, this theological enquiry could also include undertaking a number of appropriate Biblical exegesis; and investigating the current art practice of artists whose work and/or practice has some resonance with my own.

2. I could focus on continuing to make experimental art work with a view to, at the end August, being in a position to discern the best media/ process to realise and present my art work next year; so that the subsequent time could be better focussed on working towards that outcome.

3. I could continue in both my practical and theoretical research with the aim of being in a position to be able to visualise the final outcome of realised work that will be exhibited in August next year.

I am concerned that [1.] would result in spending significantly less time on developing my studio practice; whereas [2.] would mean that I would not be addressing my need to improve my theoretical grounding; and [3.] does not seem to be focussed sufficiently.

I am thus continuing to reflect and to consider the way forward.