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Richard Brooks - Reflective Journal

About the Artist RWB Journal

My work is informed by my personal faith, sense of vulnerability, bereavement, and, my personal experience.

My practice centres on addressing social justice issues of the human condition. I avoid making work of any individual person; so that neither, is the individual stigmatised, nor is the work unduly personalised.

Since January 2012 I have used this blog as part of my reflective journal.
Included in this journal is some of my documentation of my research; the underlined text provides links to web pages etc that have formed part of my research.
The Research Visits category includes some responses to gallery visits.


Art Practice -Work In Progress Posted on Wed, June 06, 2012 21:19:49

I have also been continuing to reflect on my initial draft proposal; this has confirmed my earlier conclusion that I need to plan how I can address these concerns during the next 4 teaching blocks and not merely the next one.

I have discerned divergent possible strategies for how to address the current unit:

1. I could focus on research looking at: social ethical issues, especially people trafficking; art and theology in dialogue, especially liberation theology and basis to the poor, this theological enquiry could also include undertaking a number of appropriate Biblical exegesis; and investigating the current art practice of artists whose work and/or practice has some resonance with my own.

2. I could focus on continuing to make experimental art work with a view to, at the end August, being in a position to discern the best media/ process to realise and present my art work next year; so that the subsequent time could be better focussed on working towards that outcome.

3. I could continue in both my practical and theoretical research with the aim of being in a position to be able to visualise the final outcome of realised work that will be exhibited in August next year.

I am concerned that [1.] would result in spending significantly less time on developing my studio practice; whereas [2.] would mean that I would not be addressing my need to improve my theoretical grounding; and [3.] does not seem to be focussed sufficiently.

I am thus continuing to reflect and to consider the way forward.

Etching Induction 2012-06-06

Art Practice -Work In Progress Posted on Wed, June 06, 2012 20:29:29

It has been good to spend the day undertaking the etching induction and to work on my first etching plate:

I am looking forward to continuing the induction and process tomorrow and hope to make my first prints. I am considering printing an edition [of say 30]; the individual which then be used to make a log to record each of the ongoing visits to the same stretch of beach to gather the detritus from human activity. These could form a work in their own right, or could be used as labels for each collection of finds. If it were the work I would consider whether to bind it as a log book or to display prints on the wall.