It was good to be able to share, in some depth, in pairs, our initial ideas for our projects and to be able to also have discussion with Tom. The feedback and discussion was very useful and productive. It was also good to engage with the larger group and to briefly share our ideas and feedback.

It was good to be able to contribute to on another from our own experience.

Through this process, I came to understand that my project proposal was more like what my aims are for the remainder of the MA rather than just for this unit. I thus now need to spend some time in careful reflection, to take a more strategic view; so that I can set myself milestones for each unit in order to fulfil my overall aim. I need to limit the scope and be more focussed, but to remain flexible to the work evolving and leading in unexpected directions.

I am still currently undertaking this reflection, and wonder whether the focus of my work for this unit should be to research the art, theology, and social ethical concerns rather than on trying to force the studio work beyond its current rather experimental or embryonic stage.