For the sake of completeness, I thought that it would be good to share my initial notes for the project proposal, these notes were made in preparation for the SNU Project Proposal workshop that was held on 2012-05-31.


Brief Description

– Art & Social Ethics & informed by faith/ theology

-> Prophetic Voice , speaking out [like Dickens and Hogarth].

– Art & Theology in Dialogue

-> How the [Liberation] Theology of justice and freedom impacts on art practice & in particular on my own art practice -> Driving me to make work addressing social concerns.

– I aim to make a meditative work that will prompt/ encourage the viewer to ask questions about social injustice.

Current Practitioners

Peter Kennard/ KennardPhillips

Jeremy Deller

Noel Douglas

Dana Popa

Josh MacPhee

Gilbert & George

Douglas Fishbone

Grayson Perry

Mark Wallinger

John Keane

Ola Kolehmainen [for the meditative nature of his work]

[Please also see earlier post Current Artists on 25 May 2012, which provides links for many of these artists]

Form of Proposed Work

I am unsure of the form at present, so I intend to explore the use of:

– Photographs

– Video / Audio Video

– Printmaking -> Posters

– Installation

– Text

Research Methods To Inform Practice

Making experimental work using a range of forms/ techniques [as listed above]

Other research to include:

– Gallery visits

– Library Resources

– Online Resources

– Critical review of my own previous and ongoing work

To research both art practice and social ethical issues [such as people trafficking]

How these Methods Communicate My Ideas

By making a meditative, rather than a shocking work, it is hoped that the viewer will engage more deeply with the work and the social ethical issues it questions.

Plan & Difficulties

Plan – make schedule for a range of experimental work & other research.

Main Difficulty – at present I can not yet pre-visualise how the work will be realised

-> so it is not clear how to best focus my practice.

-> Perhaps I should initially concentrate on research, including experimental making and to then critically reflect to discern where that should lead.