It has been good spending the last couple of weeks working on this video, adding photos documenting paused TV/video/iplayer that had not previously been included; all such images appearing in strict chronological order in the work – creating interesting relationships and apparent narratives.

I also added a couple of further images of collections of found detritus and changed the placings of some of the previously including photographs of detritus to take account of the additional images of paused screens. All the photographs of collected detritus appear in chronological order according to the date of their collection – but the two time lines have deliberately not been precisely synchronised, but rather deliberately spaced to create aesthetic and narrative interest.

I then went on to crop all the paused images to be the same size [in postcard proportions] so that the contrast between the paused images and the photographs would be more consistent and definite. The audio then had to be further readjusted to take account of the new duration etc.

It was also good to build on the work I had done on the pamphlet to produce a 100 word synopsis of the work.