Below is a copy of the synopsis for my recent video piece:


Art Experiment: Dreaming of A Better World


Video, with sound [duration 4min 35sec] (2011-12)


Since autumn 2011 I have been documenting instances of paused TV/dvd/ iPlayer etc within my own domestic setting. Concurrently regularly returning to a specific 200 metre stretch of beach gathering detritus from human activity.

The images of the gathered rubbish are emblematic of how we mistreat one another. The audio seascape resonates with the ebb and flow of the human condition.

In the video, the juxtaposition between paused TV images and images of gleaned beach detritus is a metaphor for how we are preoccupied by the trivial, whilst we simultaneously damage our natural, and human, environment.

And here is the link to the video:-