It was good to receive further feed back on my pamphlet and to have a constructive discussion about details of the text and images; I was encouraged that the improvement over last weeks draft was evident.

For future reference purposes I have now uploaded a pdf of this pamphlet:

For a future pamphlet it might be worth exploring little or no text and to just let the images interact with each other and the viewer.

The discussion on the text has given me some useful food for thought which I hope to apply in my composition of 100 words for the Bishop’s Prize submission; perhaps I do not need to give such a specific example or if I do include it to alter the tone of my language – I am seeking to challenge people and to encourage self questioning – but I want this to be accessible; I do not want my words to come across as patronising [I had tried to avoid this by using “we”, thus acknowledging my own culpability as well – but perhaps this did not completely work].

As I reflect on this it prompted me to further reflect on my video and on how I might further adjust and refine it, especially with a view to submitted it for exhibition. I am starting to consider including a few [around 6 ] additional images, so that all the instances of paused TV/ DVD iPlayer etc [ 5 additional images – one from this week and about 4 from previous months that had been omitted from the current version of the work] and all the collections of detritus [1 additional image from the gleaning of Wed 2 May 2012] are included.

2 May 2012 – Paused DVD and collection of detritus from Felixstowe beach:

I also want to further explore the use of screen and image size to contrast the images from paused screens and images of gathered detritus.