I have been pleased to be able to make some adjustments to the video and I now feel more satisfied with it.

The adjustments have included:

1] Adding some additional images of the collections of detritus. This means that most of the collections of gathered items are now represented within the video.

2] Adjusting the timing of a number of the images and the positioning of some of the images of detritus etc that had already been included; such that the video now seems to me to flow better.

3] Adjusting the size of the rendered output to 1080 by 540, and making the images of detritus etc fill the space but contrasting this to the images of paused TV/DVD etc fit within the space. This has made for an improved, more consistent contrast between them.

4] The sound has also been reviewed and adjusted so that the volume and fullness audio is decreased for a time and then fades out at the end of the work.

As I am now much more satisfied with the work to date I have published a low res version of the latest rendition of the video on youtube.