It was good to spend a couple of hours at MAC yesterday, viewing their new artist allotment scheme – where the arena gallery has been split into 10 plots with an artist or group of artists being allocated a plot to use as an exhibition space during 2012. This would be good to be replicated in other regions; indeed I wish there was such a scheme in Norwich where perhaps the current cohort of Part Time MA Fine Art students could work together to put on a rolling program in one such plot.

In the first floor gallery there was a fantastic video installation by Tom Price Sentinals. There were three projections [man 10, man 11, and man 12 (all 2012)] that could be seen from front or back each showing a different 3min stop motion animated video of a sculptured head with minimal head movement but with the eyes moving and incredibly well done representation of blinking.

I really enjoyed the physicality of the installation and was impressed by how three complementary silent videos could fill, but not overwhelm such a large gallery space. It transformed the space into a space for meditation and exploration. I aspire to be able to make such an installation myself; to create a space for meditative contemplation where the viewer can engage with the work and the questions it raises – to create the space which could provide the opportunity for fresh insights, new horizons or priorities – i.e. for change.